Patrol Services



 Statewide Protection Associates aim for a standard that will set the bar for the new era of security professionals that we live in today. Statewide Protection Associates strive to be leaders of public safety by using new "strategies of partnership". The leaders at Statewide Protection Associates look at every situation by using numerous techniques and gather Intel to quickly decide on a plan of action and not only terminate any alarming situations but make a known image for a positive officer versus community relationship.

Statewide Protection Associates strive to build positive relationships with local law enforcement officials. This allows Statewide Protection Associates personnel to better serve the communities and general public by working simultaneously to fight crime, respond to emergencies, and build a reputation that will reflect not only positively on the agencies but as well as the communities we serve and live in.

At Statewide Protection Associates every officer starts there career with us by beginning a three day Resiliency Training Course. This course allows us to test the skills and proficiency of the person as well as showing their strengths and weaknesses.

Today Statewide Protection Associates is proud to say we are one of few agencies using an extreme program like the Resiliency Training Course to investigate the knowledge and mind set of our incoming personnel. Statewide Protection Associates believe that by using Resiliency Training Course we can develop officers that will be prepared for any situation in today's modified world of emergencies and disasters.